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Hi, it's Ross here and in today's issue, we take a look at some of the latest news in the domain world including GoDaddy making big moves in Asia and the quite considerable price increase of dot UK names coming into effect today.

We also have some great comments and links including Morgan Linton on your investing risk levels, a guide to the number 6 in Chinese domaining, a soundbite from Sean Ottey at Rightside on new tlds and a podcast appearance from Sedo super broker, Dave Evanson.

In the first of our week-long special posts on domain name marketing, we have some great advice on cold emailing domain name prospects from an expert in the field.

And lastly, we have our daily list of domains for sale.

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Nominet UK price hike takes effect today

Today's the day when dot UK extensions go up by a massive 50%. If your dot UK portfolio is of a reasonable size, this increase could be devastating. This was quite a controversial topic in the UK when it was announced last year and as a domain investor and an entrepreneur, I appreciate both sides of the argument.

I was in contact with both camps yesterday, a UK domain trader and investor and Nominet itself.

I got in touch with Edwin Hayward, a UK domain investor to get his feelings and opinions and he offered to contribute his thoughts. You can read his white paper on the subject here. Edwin has been quite vocal in his disdain for the way this price hike was introduced and you can take a look at his white paper to get a better understanding of the background story.

I was also in touch with Nominet's press handlers yesterday and I honestly believe they have some valid points. Could they have introduced the 50% increase more effectively? Absolutely, and they know that now too. As a domain investor I'd be furious and as an entrepreneur, I can understand the increase.

The statement from Nominet is pretty long, as was Edwin's, and they're both just too long to publish here today but I'll give you a quick excerpt from Nominet's statement:

'As you know, our pricing for two-year registrations (£5 for two years) hasn’t changed in over 16 years. The increase we have announced is roughly in line with inflation over the same period. I can’t think of any other business which has not reviewed or changed its pricing for 16 years'.

It's a fair point but I really can't imagine a US-based registry acting in the same way. There would be outrage and also massive exposure. Obviously, most domain traders and investors favour the .com extension but for guys like Edwin who are heavily involved in trading .uk names, this change will have a massive effect on their livelihoods.

Whether you are a UK-based domainer or not, we'd love to get your thoughts on this issue over on Twitter.

You can connect with Edwin Hayward on Twitter @uk_domain_names or read his white paper here.

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Most in the domain industry have heard of or listened to the Domain Sherpa podcast or the Domain Name Wire show.

But for me, the best episode related to domains comes from Zac Johnson’s podcast, ‘The Rise of the Entrepreneur’. Zac is a well-known affiliate marketer and he had Dave Evanson from Sedo on his show.

Dave is a Senior Sales & Brokerage Consultant for Sedo. He’s brokered thousands of domain names and generated millions of dollars in sales for Sedo and domain sellers. He made news last year when he brokered the sale of ‘’ to HostGator founder Brent Oxley for $500.000. This podcast goes back to where it all started for Dave.

It’s really interesting to hear how brokers like Dave think and what they do day in, day out and he comes across as a really knowledgeable and nice guy.

Covered in the podcast: How Dave starting out in banking and ended with domains; Launching a consulting company and helping startups grow; Initial purchase of and 1000+ domains; Daily tasks and management of a domain broker; Different ways to sell a domain through a broker and Sedo; How to value a domain name and get the most money for it; The process of buying a domain name that isn’t for sale; Why everyone should own their personal name as a domain.

You can enjoy the podcast here.

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We reached out to Sean Ottey, evangelist for Rightside for his views on the future of new tlds in 2016. Here’s what he had to say.

'I feel that 2016 will be the year of the brands. I have predicted that dot google will get visibility this year as well as a number of other high visibility brands. With that will come greater awareness of the benefits and opportunities to the right of the dot'.

I personally agree with Sean that .google will really raise acceptance of these new extensions but will that result in more dollars in the pockets of domain name traders and investors?? That remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Have you invested in any new tlds? Let us know over on Twitter @domainsignals.

You can connect with Sean on Twitter @rghtsidesean and check out Rightside at

And thanks Sean for taking the time to share your views with the community.  



Domain Parking


I know there are mixed feelings in the domain community over cold emailing potential buyers. However, done well, cold emails can really increase your domain sales and revenue and expand your buyer/seller network.

Most domain traders I know have difficulty in writing effective cold emails. Some come off as spammy, some never get opened and some are just embarrassing. I received an email 2 weeks ago from a seller who addressed me as 'my kind sir or madam' - no joke.

This week we'll be running a series of short posts on how to effectively cold email prospects and we'll have some great links to blogs, templates and experts in the cold emailing field.

Today's advice comes from Cathy Patalas at, cold email experts. She says:

'Firstly, it's crucial to organize the copy of your email around the person you're writing to and their business. To grab their attention, you can use the name of the domain(s) your addressee owns in the subject line – if they can see it's about them, they will open it.

Secondly, make sure your email is brief, accurately formatted and grammatically correct. Your addressee needs to feel the email is a 1-on-1 message sent by a pro, not a bulk email sent by spammers.

And finally, always follow-up if you don't get a reply to your first email. From my experience, most replies come to the second or the third message from a sequence'.

How do you cold email potential buyers? Do you have any success stories from cold emailing you can share?

Tell us over on Twitter.

A big thanks to Cathy for today's advice. You can check out Woodpecker at and connect with Cathy over on Twitter @kapatalas. You can also download their FREE ebook with 15 cold emailing templates. Although not specifically for domainers, these templates can easily be adapted. Just remember to put yourself in your prospects shoes before hitting send!

Tomorrow we'll have ways to find anyone's email address.






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